Brandy is the spirit made from wine. In our case, a small batch brandy made from organic Muscat wine from Burgenland, aged for at least two years in various used barriques.
These give it subtle, soft notes without altering too much the original quality of the brandy itself. Finish and further aging for at least six months in steel tanks.

Decent taste of vanilla, pleasant fresh muscat scent on the nose. Velvety smooth on the palate
with a long, warm finish. Does not give one at all from the hand. But gladly guests in the hand. After dinner and right with it.

Drink recommendation:
Golden brandy, the tingle of soda. A splash of fresh lemon juice, a few drops of bitters. Ice, if you like. The Brandy Sour is ready. A long drink you’ll enjoy sipping for a long time. Brandy neat likes to open up further with a few drops of water. On ice, it tastes classier than it is. Excellent as a complimentary base in a cocktail. If you like it sweet, with ginger ale and lime juice, or bittersweet with tonic. Drink relaxed with guests, preferably in the fresh air in the garden.