Aeijst – Original Gin Glas Baubles


Christmas Blend

A gin can be more than just a gin. It can show itself as a tasty gift. Our Christmas Blend combines all three of Aeijst’s directions in a very unique blend for a contemplative surprise. Pale, the classic, sets up its botanical flavor. Umbra, the playful one, is delicately chocolaty and reminiscent of tree ornaments. Peat, the wicked one, homey like candlelight.

Different characters are finely combined here in varying proportions to enhance each other. They result in a balanced aroma and a round, new taste. A joyous bouquet and a delightful finish. The best way to explain it is to pour it and let the glasses ring.

Drinking suggestion:
Next to a Christmas tree in contemplative silence. Tastes good with carp, goose and serene family gatherings.