Aeijst – GINgle Bells
Original Aeijst Gin Baubles Set 6 x 50 ml | 43.5% vol.
Color mix: red, green, yellow, white

High percentage for the tree



Zotter chocolade Pedacola + Aeijst-Gin
70 g



Aeijst – Umbra Gin
0.5 L | 41.5% vol.

Great tastes cast their shadows ahead.



Aeijst – Styrian Pale Gin
0.5 L | 43.5% vol.

This one’s our classic. Neat or in a long drink.



Aeijst – Styrian Pale Gin packaged
0.5 L | 43.5% vol.

This one’s our classic. In award-winning gift packaging.



Aeijst – Styrian Pale Gin
0.04 L | 43.5% vol.

A little pick-me-up for something in-between.



Aeijst – Styrian Pale Gin
1.5 L | 43.5% vol.

Customized embossing included

When your family or friends visit.



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