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We say it’s handmade. But it actually comes from the heart.

It all started with a passion. Wolfgang has been distilling schnapps for the last 25 years. Armed with an old copper kettle, fruits from his garden and a few helping hands, he distilled his first alcohol. Surprisingly drinkable and full of blood, sweat and tears. Over the years, his experience grew and more and more people became involved, including his children Lisa, Markus and Paul.

The idea for Aeijst arose, as you might have guessed, in a joint tasting. What it would taste like we weren’t quite sure, but we knew what it would represent and stand for. Namely for enjoyment, attention to detail and of course for family.



We are situated in Lang, a small village of 1300 souls in the south of Styria. Just two houses further, you can find the birthplace of Wolfgang. Who would’ve thought that this pigsty would one day be turned into a distillery? Today, we distill, taste and sometimes even make music in our very small space. Care to drop by for a visit? Our doors are always open.